GirlSing - Singing, Songwriting & Art Summer Music Camp


Why Our Camp is UNIQUE!

At GirlSing, we create a soulful environment that nurtures creative, self expression through group activities, singing and song/lyric writing and empowering individual and group art projects.  We sing songs with positive, empowering messages and give girls an opportunity to explore the songs/lyrics they love and "why" through song-synergy, lyric-listening and metaphor-simile exercises. In the spirit of self empowerment , GirlSing camp includes songs that point to the true nature of their inner beauty with related songwriting activities and self expressive art projects.  The songs we sing* (rounds, part songs, chants plus more-contemporary songs in a variety of genres) each have an empowering message.                                               

The Songs We Sing Encourage: 
1) Inner Strength 
2) Self Discovery
3) Group Cooperation 
4) Individual Growth
5) Social Awareness and 
6) Gratitude. 
*Examples songs include Beautiful (Christina Aguilara), I Am Thankful (joyful part song), Three Little Birds (Bob Marley),  I Am a Tower of Strength to name a few.

Indoor & Outdoor Singing, Games, Fun & Field Trips!

In addition to singing indoors, we also spend time singing, journaling and writing lyrics in nature (e.g., along sourdough creek).  We also bring spontaneous smiles to people's faces on our community field trips where the girls participate (by choice) in spontaneous "street singing" and "community music" sharing the gift of music at various locations (including Montana State University Campus, The Bozeman Public Library and Sculpture Garden and Sourdough Trail).